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Student Information

How to apply

Applications are accepted timeously before each programme of study begins. The application form should initially be sent by email, and then again including all necessary paperwork, by postal service directly to St Mark’s Academy. Applicants are encouraged to begin gathering materials (such as transcripts and letters of recommendation) early, especially if they have completed their schooling or studies many years ago, or live or have studied outside of the Republic of South Africa. 


Our short courses are open to anyone with an interest in that course. Unless otherwise specified, they require physical attendance. Dates, duration and cost will be advertised timeously.

Please download the application form


How to Apply        Tuition        Guide to essay writing       Rules and Regulations


Tuition for the all courses of study are charged and received in South African Rand. The tuition fees are purposefully low to make the programmes accessible to a greater number of students. 


We urge students enrolling for the Programme or Diploma in Orthodox Christian Studies, to take into account that they are responsible for purchasing or sourcing their own books in accordance with the requirements of the course. While we have made every effort to keep the number of required books to a minimum and to provide online or alternative resources in order to keep costs down, distance learning relies heavily on reading material. The textbooks required are thus vital to the modules. Students should search for affordable booksellers online and consider purchasing second-hand books.


​Registration should ideally take place at least a month prior to the beginning of that semester. This makes it possible for the student to order the required books timeously. Once registration has been confirmed, the fees are due in total. 

Please contact the office for more information

Rules and Regulations

The Academy does not as yet, independently, have the power to confer accredited undergraduate, postgraduate degrees or diplomas. Our Diploma is presently awaiting accreditation and our postgraduate degrees are offered in partnership with a recognized and accredited tertiary institution. 


Nevertheless, The Academy reserves the right to determine its admission policy, entrance requirements in respect of specific qualifications, the number of students that may be admitted for a particular qualification, curriculum, course or module, and the manner of their selection.


St Mark’s Academy reserves the right to amend or change these rules and regulations as required. 

Course in Orthodox Christian Studies

Please download this document to view more


Programme of Orthodox Christian Studies 

Please download this document to view more


Diploma in Orthodox Christian Studies 


Please download this document to view more


Masters in Orthodox Theology

Please download this document to view more


Doctoral Programme in Orthodox Theology

Please download this document to view more


Guide to Essay Writing

Good essay writing is a skill acquired and approaches vary from person to person. You may already be quite comfortable writing essays and if so, you will have a feel for what works for you and is effective. If, on the other hand, you are new at this, we encourage you to follow the advice we have prepared for you. 

The use of standard UK English is the preferred form of language and writing should aim to convey precise meaning. Grammar and syntax is therefore important. Students for whom English is not a first language, are advised to pay special attention to this and could even consider having a ‘reader’ or ‘editor’ of their work before submitting. 

Many tertiary institutions prefer using the Harvard system of referencing. It is advisable to learn using this, but as a rule, other systems may be used as long as you are consistent throughout the assignment. The attachment explaining the Harvard technique is curtesy of St Augustine College of S.A. 

P.S. The term “essay” is used to mean any sort of academic writing assignment that is handed in for a course. 

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